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May 8th, 2006

10:15 pm
I finally got some good grades~! Not that's out of the norm. :D;; I need a break from school, though, and I've been so busy with my Gameboy it lately.

...methinks I need to kill Yoshi study more. :|
Current Mood: energeticenergetic

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January 5th, 2006

11:32 pm
Kalim needs a shower~ Long school days make me all nasty. ._.

Mahaado doesn't like snow! He's a crazy, Mana. I don't know how you put up with him. *sulk* Snow's so pretty, and it builds up on the windowsill, and it looks like cool stuff.

Shaadah, come visit me - I need "help" with my homework. ... >><<
Current Mood: dirtydirty

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September 23rd, 2005

01:36 pm - *flail*
I hate studying for math, and I hate studying for biology. They just get harder as you get older! >< Man, I hate logic.

... I hate a lot today, don't I? :|

Mahaado, come over~~ I have something to show you that might be of interest~... No, not like that, pervs. >|
Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated

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July 14th, 2005

06:49 pm
Haha. *falls over*

Dresses are fun. :D They get Shaadah in bed with me. ... Uh.

Today's one of those days I'm completely high on life. ^-^ No idea why, but I am, so it's good enough for me.

Time to tackle that algebra homework. *pose*
Current Mood: sillysilly

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February 26th, 2005

09:10 pm
I hereby solemnly swear never to ask about the human reproduction system again. o_o;

At least my cold is gone. ^^; I hope I didn't give it to anyone. Not that I've really seen anyone in the last few days, except Shaadah and Mahaado. I haven't seen Mana for a while... I didn't realize how much I miss her. Oo;
Current Mood: okayokay

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February 12th, 2005

08:54 pm
Oh, BURN. Haha! I finally beat Mario. Little bugger. The feeling of victory is a sweet one. *laughs* I always win when it comes to video games.

...Apparently, there's a new game in it with a Firby... Kirby? I don't know. All I know is that I'm going to GET it, and then I'm going to stuff that fluffball and BLOW it up.

I have a stack of homework to do... *eyes* It's terrible. Let's see... Math, English, and Biology. Greaaat. I forgot how to do indices in Math. Neh. Perhaps I can bribe Shaadah into helping me again. Yeah, sounds fun.

*sneeze* Still have a cold... o_o I need to go and get some medicine, but I'm too lazy.

...Mahaado, can you please get me some? @_@
Current Mood: sicksick

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February 1st, 2005

10:58 am
Yes! I finally beat that little annoying bugger! Die, Mario. Die and burn in HELL. You've 'Mumma'd your last 'Mia'.

Neh, I need to get out of the house, but I caught a cold. *sneeze* That's the last time I go out in winter without a scarf or a jacket. o_o; Hoodies don't do much good.

Speaking of hoodies... Okay, it sounds like homies. Meh. Homies reminds me of school, and I can't go to school. Not in this state, anyway. *sneezecough*

Need medicine... x_x
Current Mood: sicksick

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January 5th, 2005

11:59 am
Well... Shaadah and I are back together. I'm just glad things didn't get out of hand, again...

And Mahaado and Mana are together. I don't know why... but I'm happy for them.
Current Mood: contentcontent

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December 15th, 2004

12:08 pm

I. Am. Confused.

I don't know what to do with myself. I can't figure out these stupid feelings.

I hardly know either of them, and yet, here I am, feeling like a stupid schoolgirl.

This is cheesy, but it's the way things are. *clutches head* I wish they would stop screwing with my emotions.

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December 10th, 2004

11:46 pm
Today was fun!

Mahaado and I went to the park this morning, and we talked for a while. Not about much, you know, just the usual stuff. Then we went for a walk across the park, and he saw Mana. I don't know what he was thinking, but he didn't call her over. So I did! She seemed a bit reluctant to come over, though.

Mahaado walked off. He must have been having one of those mood swings. And he calls me a woman. I watch my weight! He changes moods 24/7. Gah.

Anyway, Mana and I talked for a while. I won't say what about, because I am loyal.

We went to the 'arcade' (I'll never understand the meaning of that word!) and she played on this game called DDR. I think it meant Dance Dance Revolution. I didn't go near the damn thing; but I did watch her fall off and laugh my head off.

Then this stranger came. I noticed him right away. Damn. I mean, he was nice... That's why I like him so much. I mean, as much as a friend should, you know, and I am his friend -- or so I hope -- and...



It turns out this guy is Shaadah -- Mana's cousin. He came from Egypt, too. What're the odds? He's from Luxor, whereas Mahaado and myself are from Giza. He's a great guy. He's friendly, and charming, and... Yeah, I like him. He seems fairly distant, though. I don't know quite what to make of him yet. I guess only time will tell.

I have no idea where Mahaado is... Not that I care. Okay, I do, but what else could you expect from me? I'm only human, and I have to look out for the guy. Otherwise his mother would kill me, even though she's the one that sent him away.

That makes me mad.

Who would want to send Mahaado away? He's wonderful. He's... Well, he's... He can be kind, and he's also gentle. He can usually see the lighter side of things, and he has a good sense of humor. I think I know him well enough, having been around him my whole life; and yet I wonder if he's really all he appears to be. Perhaps he's having an identity crisis. I wish I could help him out, but he won't let me get close enough.

Besides, I know he has feelings for Mana.

Why do I feel so torn in half right now?

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{it feels like medicine, and it's all I deserve;}

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